Solar Panel

Photo-voltaic [PV] module is an assembly of photo-voltaic cells mounted in a frame work for installation. Photo-voltaic cells use sunlight as a source of energy and generate direct current electricity. A collection of PV modules is called a PV Panel, and a system of Panels is an Array. Arrays of a photovoltaic system supply solar electricity to electrical equipment.
Power is one form the foundational pillars of growth for industrialization, business development across the African continent.
We are committed in providing cost effective and quality solar panels with 25 years minimum life span.
solar power solutions can be on grid or off-grid systems

How the off grid solar panels system working:
This Solar system not only have solar power system function, but also have Utility complementary function. When main power off , the solar system can switch automatically to take use off solar power from battery to run load, When solar power not enough and power off , it can switch automatically to main power and connect with grid electricity take use of main power, at the same time charging battery. This is very suit for home use.

What’s the difference between off grid and on grid solar panels system?

Off-grid solar power system doesn’t connect to the power grid. In general, it includes solar panels, charger controller, batteries and inverter. This system will store the solar power into the batteries park,batteries energy will be converted to electricity power to supply the appliances working through the inverter.

On-grid solar power system connects to the power grid, can sell excess electricity to the public grid. In general, it includes solar panels, grid-tie inverter, the solar power will be converted to electricity to power appliances.
When the solar power is off, the power grid will replenish the electricity power to appliances working
Selling excess generated energy to the national grid is not very popular in Africa or not in practice as at now both we hope to see this happen fairly soon.