Brightcloud Moon

Brightcloud MoonElectric mobility for everyone.As an innovative automotive start-up, our goal is revolutionized automotive industry in Nigeria and African with electric vehicles. . That’s why we have completely designed a befitting car that pleases the eyes and comfort the soul.Brightcloud MOON design process started with a white sheet of paper and concentrated entirely on making mobility in Africa as comfortable, professional, safe,and affordable as possible.The Brightcloud Moon is our approach to making your daily activities [ your daily drives] smart, eco-friendly, convenient.Abundance of spacespread your winds where you really need it: anytime anyday!The Brightcloud Moon is designed to be user-friendly and comfortable for everyone.High access, huge solar inbeded roofWith a length of 190″ a width of 86.1″ and a height of 66.2″, the Brightcloud Moon offers the typical high access of an SUV with enough leg and head room.Driver and passengers are seated in comfortable high-quality seats , as the huge panoramic sunroof give an extra feeling of space and freedom.The electric tailgate has an integrated foot sensor and a push button features. With a 37.2 [ cu. ft]. it very easy to load and unload luggage in and out of the truck. With additional storage space at the front truck adding up to almost 100cu.ft.High rangeThe Brightcloud Moon is powered by two electric motors on the front axle and rear axle which generates h.p. with a torque of 550Hp. The quick-charge function allows the battery, with a capacity of 60 kWh, to be charged from 20% to 80% within just 30 minutes (DC).With lithium ion cells outsource from top realible supplier, the battery pack was designed, developed and constructed by Brightcloud..Engine550HPRapid charge30 min20% to 80%Range400 milesBattery park…120kwh.for more information, kindly contact

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