Free gift of nature…Africa been one of the continents blessed with abundant sunshine almost all year round. BrightCloud has decided to be forward thinking and take advantage of this free gift of nature. We have integrated a solar panel on the roof for range extender and free charging capabilities The Flexible Photovoltaic solar cells are seamlessly integrated into the roof seamlessly and beautifully. . The polymer coating of the solar cells does not crack or break, It has high resistance and protects the solar cells from all forms external impact and hence preventing the cells from damage. The solar roof charges up to 20 km/h in the sun. climate and driving mode will further influence the range of your drive..With the capacity to generate up to 4,500kilometer per year using only solar energy. You can drive 25-35km/h on what the solar roof absorb from daylight all from free sunshine. The solar roof is designed to withstand high temperatures when charging.

Our designers have created a unique vehicle that appeals to those that like to stand out as an individual and not as numbers.
metal forms a fundamental part and bedrock of every knight,As a manufacturer car,We are committed to preserve the art of traditional automotive craftsmanship as well as morden manufactoring process.

Power & Luxury yet eco friendly (battery electric vehicles)
The Knight is one of the largest luxury SUVs available on the market. With a unique duluxe yet spacious interior and boxy rugged exterior . The knight will take you to everywhere anywhere anytime in style and comfort.

Smart entry System

The Smart smart system gives you the basic control of your vehicle without the use of a traditional key. Lock or unlock your knight with a push of a button on the door handle. Turn the engine on or off with a tap on the Start/Stop button.

Smart Rearview mirror

The SmartTune 5″ android rearview mirrorwith GPS navigation system, Dash camera with continuous DVR recording, front and rear view HD camera views.Bluetooth,WI-FI, 5-inch touch screen interface is customizable while the screen and captive display is mirror-coated,

In-vehicle infotainment system.
with the technology developmend and complexity of car system, user-in-vehicle interaction abecomesn essential and important to make driving experience more pleasurable and provide drivers with basic informations needed to them in real time. We have there designed developed one of the most advanced in-vehicles infotainment (IVI) system with an open source platform ,16″ LCD display with integrated connectivity 3G/4G,WIFI ,infrared system for diagnostics,software updates, internet,web browsing ,web interface, media streaming, smart phone mirroring,online/offline navigation, 360° surround camera viewing

Stylish & Modern Interior
The knight luxury interior features soft, quality nappa leathers, wood veneers and highly polished finishes, creating a distinct touch with individual preferences.the only limitations to our designs will be the customer’s imagination

Custom Wheel w/ Off-Road Tires

34″ All terrain Tires are designed to provide comfortable ride and good handling on all types roads eithernon-road or off-road. Equipped with our custom designed 20”

Standard Specifications
GVWR: 26500KG
100kwh /120kwh
Trailer Towing Capacity 5000KG
*Length 4725mm
*width 1931mm
*Height 1969mm
*Wheelbase 2890mm
*Curb weight 2485kg
*Tow capacity 6000kg

*Tire 265/60R/20
*Rim 83x20ET43
*PCD 5×130.
*IP 2.2
*H 210km

700ib-ft- torque

*Ground clearance 14.2″
*Tilt angle 35 degree
*Wading depth 27.6 “
*Break over angle 26 degree.
*Approach 35 degree.
*Departure 30 degree.
*Drag coefficient cd 0.44

Infinitybox wiring system

Four Wheel Drive
Electric power Steering assist
Adaptive suspension System
20” Aluminium Custom Wheels

Aluminium frame. Aluminium and composite body panels.

Designer Premium nappa Leather Seats with Brightcloud Emblems
6-way Driver Power Seat
2nd Row Independent 10way Power Seats
Power Front Windows
Power Locks
Power Telescope Side Mirrors
Anti-Theft System
Leather Wrapped Dash & Steering
Doors with Storage and Accent Lights
Leather Wrapped Interior with Wood Accents
Suede Headliner
Carpet with Custom Front & Middle Row brightcloud Floor mat
Navigation System
Backup Camera
Front/Rear Dual AC Units and Controls
Advanced Multi-stage Front Airbags
Front Side Curtain Airbags
Front Seat Side Airbags
Upgraded Front Sway Bar
Adaptive Cruise Control
Option Packages

Includes standard specifications
5 Passenger

Includes standard and select specifications
7 Passenger

Includes standard and select specifications
6 Passenger

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