Most frequent questions and answers

Below we’ve put together the most important information regarding Our company and services.

We’re currently in the midst of the prototyping and development of the “knight”. We ask for your understanding that technical details and specifications might be subject to change.

Knight is the first full time battery electric vehicle offering full time 4×4 and 4×2  suv/pickup  vehicle designed and manufactured in Africa that can additionally charge its battery using integrated solar roof. Thus, we introduce a new vehicle class “solar electric vehicle”

You can reserve your Knight directly on our website. Simply deposit a reservation amount and enter your personal data. 10% reservation deposit, 50% payment when vehicle is 60% Completed and 40% balance payment before shipment.

As soon as you have paid for your knight , you will receive a confirmation email from us and a place on the waiting list. The first vehicles will be produced in September 2022.

Your reservation is a purchase option and therefore not binding. You will therefore have the option to purchase the knight and sign the purchase agreement or have your deposit refunded before delivery begins.

The knight is planned to be produced at Oyo state in Nigeria. but if we find a production partner who shares our vision of a forward-looking and climate-friendly mobility, with already existing production facilities, the production venue may change.

The exact number depends on many factors. As we are currently planning the next steps in financing and getting investors on board and market demands.

All things being equal, the first vehicles will be produced at the plant in Oyo state Nigeria in September 2022. Delivery of the first vehicles will then start at the beginning of 2023.

. We planned a total production volume of 5000 vehicles within ten years with two shifts.

After your reservation you will receive a payment link from us. After the payment has been confirmed, you will receive a payment confirmation and you will automatically be on the waiting list.
Your reservation is a purchase option. you will receive the purchase contract from us shortly after payment confirmation. You will be required to sign it and purchase the knight or have your deposit refunded.

The following applies to all persons preordering the knight you’ll receive a purchase offer for the knight before delivery commences and you’ll, again, have the option of either purchasing the knight and signing the contract or opting for a refund of your full down payment.
The rights provided under Nigerian law for terminating contracts still apply.

Brightcloud automobile limited is providing a 3 years or 100,000 kilometers warranty for the knight as well as a warranty for the battery of two years, 100,000 kilometers or 2,000 charge cycles.

When will the first knight be Delivery?

The first knight will roll off the production line in Nigeria 2022. These vehicles are used for type approval and process assurance in production. The delivery of the customer vehicles will then start at the middle of 2023.

The knight price will be announced soon.