Who are we?

Why are we Extraordinary?

Every company says it’s different; at Brightcloud Automobile Limited, we don’t say it; we demonstrate it, and we put it into action every day through our customers, employees, investors, and host community. You’ll find it in our service, products, processes, and people. You’ll see it in the way we solve problems, using available resources that are aimed at discovering groundbreaking technology for the betterment of mankind.

The Carbon-Neutral Future...

We believe in the future of possibilities where mobility will be carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly. We are accelerating Africa’s mobility to sustainable energy with electric vehicles, electric bikes, solar panels, and renewable energy devices.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the African auto-mobility and accelerate its transition to a fully electric technology.


To provide high-performance electric vehicles that meet diverse mobility needs. By leveraging on advanced engineering, innovation, and local talents, we aim to design and produce world-class electric vehicles that are tailored to the unique demands of African’s roads and driving conditions.

We are
the future

Driven by this vision, Brightcloud Automobile Limited was founded in 2017 and incorporated in 2018 (RC1505174). Our company aims to contribute to the development of the automotive industry in Nigeria and Africa with clean energy vehicle technology.

A Sustainable Future

Every aspect of our car design has been carefully crafted for the best user experience to ensure simplicity, efficiency, lightness, strength, safety, and sustainability and reduce global warming, thus, saving the earth, nature, and mankind.

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Let’s make zero carbon emission happen together. Be a part of the future BrightCloud is building!

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